Waze is one of the largest social navigation apps in the world, which can be used with a smartphone. A Waze ad reaches these users effectively.

Focused users

Unlike other navigation apps, Waze is also actively used by users who already know the route to take. By organizing into a community, users can indicate to each other on the map roadblocks (potholes, cars stuck on or along the road), busy road sections and even active mobile speedcams, which is perhaps the most popular part of the app.

Unlike for example traditional roadside billboards, Waze ads always get significant focus:

Special target group

There are two things we can certainly know about Waze users:

And while it does not mean we can reach people in good financial positions, but we can certainly reach users who are at least middle-class.

Waze advertising – Many options

A Waze ad can appear as a simple pin on the map, but for a larger budget, we also have the option to show it to drivers who are currently standing: at a red traffic light or in a traffic jam.

In addition, your business can appear in Waze’s own search engine if there is an address attached to you in or near the settlement being searched for.